Evaporative Air Conditioners

We offer full service, repairs and warranty work to Celair and Bonaire evaporative coolers, and are registered warranty agents for Climate Technologies.

When servicing your cooler we will complete the following check list:

  • Remove and clean all external weather guards
  • Remove filter pads and thoroughly clean with fresh water
  • Clear waterways including the bleed off system and sump
  • Clean basin and water pump guard
  • Set water bleed off or dump system
  • Check that the cooler is running correctly

Why does my evaporative cooler need servicing?

Your evaporative cooler needs regular cleaning to ensure it continues to perform properly and runs efficiently.

High salt content in the Wagga Wagga regions water supply contributes to a large build up of calcium in your cooler, commonly seen as a white stain on the outside of the cooler unit and roof. Along with collected dust and pollen, these factors eventually lead to blocked filter pads, circulation pump troubles and blockages within the water unit distribution system as well as less air flow.

This is the largest cause of high maintenance costs and reduced cooling efficiency, and is the number one reason that cooler units must be serviced before the start of the summer season.

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to keep the cooler running efficiently for the summer months.

Doors open or closed?

Evaporative cooling requires you to keep the doors and windows of your home open, unlike refrigerated cooling which requires you to keep your house closed.